About Sidequest

Everything you ever wanted to know (and more).

What is Sidequest?

Sidequest is a job aggregator that prioritizes and sorts part time, freelance, and contract based technology jobs.

With most tech roles being full time (or more), finding part time work can be tough - at least it was for me. That's why I created Sidequest, to help sort through the roles and surface ones that are part time, freelance, or short term contracts.

Why Part Time Jobs?

We focus on part time, freelance, and short-term contract positions. Most positions in tech are full-time, and while there are plenty of freelancer websites, they often require applicants to create profiles, bid publicly, and in some cases even pay to apply. Instead of focusing on these micro-projects, we're focused on everything between them and full time.

How do I post a job?

For now, send us an email at info@sidequestjobs.com and we'll get things sorted out for you.