Why Part Time? Why Freelance?

Why are employees looking for more part time or flexible options?

One of the major questions we get is "why a job board for just part time, freelance, and short term contract workers?". Why would someone actively seek out one of these positions instead of looking for something full time?

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work. Thousands of companies who once thought it impossible for their employees to work remotely were suddenly forced to deal with the reality of implementing it.

With vaccination rates soaring, some companies are forcing their staff to return to the office - and are being met with resignations. The pandemic has dramatically shifted the balance of power between employer and employee.

It's estimated that gig work - part time, freelance, and contracts - will start making up more and more of the available jobs as we move into the future. Side Quest Jobs is here to facilitate that.

Side Quest Jobs finds jobs in technology that aren't full time. We categorize and curate part time, freelance, contract, and anything-but-fulltime positions so you can find the position that works best for you.

Why would you want a part time position when you could have the security of a full time position?

Part time, contract, and freelance work isn't for everyone - nor should it be. We're catering to those who need more flexibility in their working environments. For the thirty-something taking care of their parents, to new parents, to those who just want to earn enough to live while taking advantage of the short time we've all got - this job board is designed for them.

There are plenty of sites that connect freelancers with projects, but many of them require freelancers to pay to bid on ideas. We take a classical approach on job hunting, with positions that aren't full time. Our positions aren't one-to-two day projects, nor are they full-time five-year commitments. They're everything in between.

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