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This job is for a Jr. Subcontract Analyst at Accenture Federal Services. The role involves performing subcontract management and administration duties, including risk assessment, RFP preparation, subcontractor evaluation and negotiation, monitoring subcontractor performance, and providing guidance on financial and contractual matters. The ideal candidate should have strong organizational and communication skills, a bachelor's degree, and at least 6 months of work experience in a professional environment.

What you'll do

  • Assess risk and initiate action to mitigate risk at all phases of subcontract formation, performance and close-out
  • Prepare RFPs tailored to specific requirements; evaluate subcontractor proposals, develop negotiation strategy in concert with Program Managers, and lead negotiations; prepare CPSR compliant subcontract documentation to include in-depth cost/price analyses
  • Monitor subcontractor performance and initiate corrective action if performance falters; execute contract modifications in response to changing requirements; and perform close-out activities
  • Provide advice and support to Program Managers and Cost Estimators in developing proposals, including developing Basis of Estimates (BOEs)
  • Provide advice and support in developing Statements of Work (SOW); source selection criteria and performing source selections
  • Provide guidance on financial and contractual matters pertaining to contracts
  • Independently conceive of and lead special projects and process improvement activities with organization-wide impact


  • U.S. Citizenship Required
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 6 months work experience in a professional environment
  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Strong communications skills


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Arlington, VA

Contract Length


$47,000 - $89,200 (per year)


accenture federal services cpsr basis of estimates statements of work source selection criteria financial and contractual matters

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