Site Supervisor (External Contractor) Egypt


Contract Position


This job is for a Site Supervisor in Egypt who will oversee physical sessions at a cluster of ITIDA centers as part of a program to provide fully-funded scholarships to the youth of Egypt. The Site Supervisor will visit sessions regularly, audit in-person sessions, provide feedback to Student Guides, and report performance data.

What you'll do

  • Visiting sessions at a group of ITIDA sites on a regular basis (Once a month).
  • Auditing in-person sessions using a provided rubric.
  • Reporting performance data every month - reports format.
  • Providing specific, actionable feedback to Student Guides regarding their interactions with students, delivery of provided materials, etc.
  • Syncing with the performance team to raise concerns, provide performance insights, etc.
  • This job includes travel.


  • 1-2+ years of working experience related to the Education field, working with teenagers is a plus.
  • Able to oversee and regularly visit physical sessions at a cluster of ITIDA centers.
  • Good understanding of the expectations of Activity Facilitators.
  • Able to deliver clear, specific, data-driven feedback (written & verbally).
  • Able to work on performance reports.
  • Presentable & able to deal with young cubs.
  • Energetic, motivated & passionate about education.
  • Project management, communication & Leadership skills.
  • Innovative approach and proactivity with learners that need help.
  • Positive character, trusted by the Udacity Team, creating emotional ties in the group.
  • Existing tech network and experience in technical conversations & discussions.
  • Flexibility at their current job to take this challenge part-time as a contractor.
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently.


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