Neurosurgeon Resident (Part-time)


Part-Time Position


This job is for a Neurosurgeon Resident at Neuralink, where you will train to assist or lead experimental brain-machine interface procedures using human cadavers or large animal subjects. You will also collaborate with technical teams to improve surgical techniques and provide feedback on usability and safety.

What you'll do

  • Train with neurosurgical leads
  • Function as assistant or primary surgeon for experimental brain-machine interface procedures
  • Work closely with technical teams to refine and innovate surgical techniques
  • Provide usability and safety feedback
  • Participate in engineering design reviews
  • Work with veterinary anesthesiologists and technicians for animal subjects
  • Ensure humane and ethical use of animal subjects


  • Doctor of Medicine in Neurosurgery
  • 1-2 years of experience performing neurosurgery in an operating room
  • Expert knowledge of operating room procedures with respect to sterile field, surgical equipment, and surgical procedures
  • Evidence of exceptional ability in neurosurgery
  • Keen attention to detail
  • First-principles-based thinking
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple and changing priorities


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Fremont, California, United States

Contract Length


$43,000 - $48,000 (per year)


neurosurgery operating room procedures surgical equipment surgical procedures

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