Senior Customer Insights Analyst - Fixed Term Contract


Contract Position


The job is for a Senior Customer Insights Analyst on a fixed-term contract at Viator, a part of Tripadvisor. The role involves using quantitative and qualitative data to understand customer pain points and operational efficiencies, providing insights to drive valuable change. The ideal candidate should have 5+ years of experience in an analytical role, proficiency in SQL, Tableau, and Excel, and the ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment.

What you'll do

  • Lead analysis for the Operations group, focused on developing the capability to translate data into actionable insights that will improve product and process performance.
  • Provide timely insights and analytical support to different internal stakeholders to support effective business decision-making.
  • Create new qualitative coding frameworks and lead model building in new areas.
  • Proactively seek out opportunities hidden in our or industry data. Articulate your findings into suggested actions for Operations, our product and/or other teams.
  • Identify key success indicators and determine best practices for measurement and reporting. Own and automate reporting tools.
  • Assist with ad hoc queries and provide analytical support to our fast-growing business as it evolves.
  • Be the go to person for Operational insights, be closer to the data that anyone else in the company.
  • Provide a vital link in the strategy - execution - analysis chain to ensure we move quickly and stay ahead.
  • Be a leader within the team, ensuring the best approaches, coaching, developing junior members of the team, to deliver the highest standards and capability.
  • Develop exceptional relationships with stakeholders and within the team to ensure all work streams and projects are delivered to the strategic needs and objectives.
  • Understand strategic roadmaps and actively influence these driving actionable change.
  • Create concepts, justify business cases analyse to improve customer engagement and value metrics
  • Lead on the measurement of testing analysis to provide insights of true business impact, using deep dive to understand the results



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Oxford, United Kingdom

Contract Length

Fixed Term Contract


The compensation for this position is not listed.


sql tableau excel python

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