Inventory Coordinator - 1 year contract


Contract Position


Rocket Lab is seeking an Inventory Coordinator for a 1-year contract. This role involves managing inventory, setting up assembly kits, and ensuring compliance and quality control for materials and products. The Inventory Coordinator plays a critical role in supporting Rocket Lab's rocket and satellite programs.

What you'll do

  • Set up assembly kits for Electron rockets
  • Manage inventory
  • Look after shipping
  • Manage direct and indirect procurement
  • Inspect and ensure compliance of materials and products
  • Link teams together
  • Contribute to picking, packing, and dispatching
  • Perform additional adhoc duties
  • Assist with lifting
  • Maintain stock levels
  • Support internal teams
  • Display high attention to detail
  • Manage stock in a manufacturing environment
  • Learn and adapt quickly
  • Work under pressure and prioritize effectively
  • Work towards a common goal
  • Handle inwards and outwards tasks


  • A positive and proactive working attitude supporting our internal teams
  • Previous experience in a similar role displaying high attention to detail
  • Hands on stock management experience and quality control in a manufacturing environment
  • The ability to learn and adapt quickly responding to internal and external requests
  • Previous experience working under pressure and prioritizing effectively
  • A team player mindset working towards a common goal
  • Previous inwards and outwards experience


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Auckland, New Zealand

Contract Length

1 year


The compensation for this position is not listed.


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