Digital Analytics Manager - Contract


Contract Position


The job is for a Digital Analytics Manager on a contract basis. The role involves overseeing analytics support for the Digital Transformation workstream, developing measurement frameworks, collecting tracking requirements, conducting analytics QA, and providing digital analytics support to stakeholders.

What you'll do

  • Serving as the dedicated digital analytics representative for the Digital Transformation workstream, overseeing all elements of analytics support needed (developing measurement frameworks, collecting tracking requirements and relaying to technical partners, analytics QA, impact reporting/analysis, etc.)
  • Serve as the liaison between the Digital Transformation working groups and the broader digital analytics team
  • Partner with stakeholders to develop measurement frameworks for Digital Transformation initiatives to ensure that project objectives are clearly articulated and paired with logical success metrics.
  • Provide ad-hoc digital analytics support to Digital Transformation stakeholders
  • Develop digital analytics dashboards and visualizations that enable stakeholders and decision makers to understand KPI trends, attainment to target and key insights, at a glance
  • Collect tracking requirements for new digital initiatives and translate those requirements to our technical partners for implementation in Google Tag Manager, data layer, and Google Analytics
  • Conduct analytics QA to ensure that tracking requirements have been successfully implemented
  • Create standardized digital performance reporting products that enable partners/stakeholders to understand performance
  • Conduct regular cadence digital performance reviews with partners/stakeholders that provide stakeholders with an understanding of business performance and opportunities to optimize the digital journey for users


  • Mastery with a web analytics tool, preferably Google Analytics
  • Proficiency developing data visualization products/dashboards using tools like Data/Looker Studio or Tableau that allow stakeholders to understand KPI trends and key insights, at a glance
  • Leveraging digital analytics data to generate actionable insights and effectively communicating them to decision makers
  • Effectively communicating complex analytical/technological topics to non-technical audiences
  • Effectively communicating business/reporting requirements to development/technology/product management partners for tag/data layer implementation
  • Presenting digital analytics insights in a clear and compelling manner to executive leadership/decision makers


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United States

Contract Length

Contract duration: Not specified


The compensation for this position is not listed.


google analytics data/looker studio tableau google tag manager sql

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