Revenue Operations Specialist (Contract)


Contract Position


This job is for a Revenue Operations Specialist on a contract basis. The role involves supporting sales operations, managing data integrity, enforcing rules of engagement, assisting in lead routing, and supporting day-to-day tasks within the Revenue Operations team. There are potential opportunities for advancement and development, and high-performing individuals may be considered for full-time employment based on their performance and alignment with the company's goals and needs.

What you'll do

  • Closing out deals for new business, upsells, and renewals in our CRM system (
  • Reviewing and executing requests for account assignment requests, segment/territory changes, and opportunity-related inquiries
  • Facilitating general Rules of Engagements across all account/lead/opportunity management
  • Assisting in lead management when appropriate (e.g. manual lead routing or lead hygiene)
  • Monitoring and taking proactive measures against data hygiene and inefficient processes
  • Owning the RevOps process for Onboarding/De-boarding GTM employees in JIRA
  • Pulling basic reports in SFDC (i.e. bookings, account and opportunity ownership, activities, etc.) to help with related operational tasks
  • Assisting in adhoc tickets and projects – specifically focused on tasks that touch upon data hygiene, data validation, data enrichment, and data preparation/transformation


  • Minimum of 1 year using (SFDC) and a power user of Salesforce Lightning. (Required)
  • Experienced with Google Sheets and Excel, with beginner-level knowledge on formulas, functions, and shortcuts (e.g. VLOOKUP, basic mathematical functions, IF statements, data manipulation, sorting/filtering, etc.). (Required)
  • At least 1 year of experience using data tools/applications like to mass update, create, and delete records in SFDC.
  • Comfortable with Google Suites applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive
  • Previous experience using a project/task management system (i.e. Jira,, Wrike). Ability to create tickets, update ticket status, respond to comments, add/link child tickets, and usage of other basic features.
  • Previous experience using a project documentation tool (e.g. Confluence). Ability to create Confluence pages, edit and navigate effectively through the RevOps Confluence space.
  • Familiar with sales intelligence tools like ZoomInfo, EtailInsights, Similarweb, LinkedIn, etc., and the ability to search for records and pinpoint necessary data.
  • Strong attention to detail, especially in identifying data inconsistencies and errors.
  • Strong documentation and communication skills (both written and verbal).
  • Strong bias towards problem solving, execution of work, and learning.
  • A resourceful self-starter that can work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to work cross functionally between departments and sales functions to quickly gather alignment and consensus.


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United States (Remote)

Contract Length

Contract position.


$25 - $33 (per hour)

Keywords salesforce lightning google sheets excel google suites jira wrike confluence zoominfo etailinsights similarweb linkedin

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