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The job is a Contract Management Senior Analyst position at Accenture Federal Services. The role involves managing contract management records, responding to inquiries about contracts, analyzing data, and providing advice on contract status and deliverables. Strong attention to detail, organizational skills, and communication skills are required, along with prior experience in contract management or a related field.

What you'll do

  • Applies expertise in contract management system of record procedures and processes to create accurate contract management records to ensure all Contract Management systems are current, accurate, and complete with all of AFS' contract related data.
  • Responds to complex inquiries into any aspect of AFS' current and past contracts from both internal and external sources.
  • Ensures all Contract Management systems are current, accurate, and complete with all of AFS' contract related data.
  • Analyzes trends and interpret data across AFS enterprise systems, including assisting with data calls and related activities as needed.
  • Reviews work of other Contract Management professionals.
  • Identifies risks and issues, suggests alternatives or process improvements that lead to the best solution.
  • Prepares and disseminates information regarding contract status and/or status of deliverables.
  • Achieves a reasonable level of understanding of Accenture’s major business areas to communicate effectively with project Senior Executives and provide relevant advice. May provide training to Contract Management personnel.
  • Actively involved in Contract Management initiatives.


  • College degree required.
  • 2+ years of professional work experience.
  • Detail-oriented, organized, flexible.
  • Able to set priorities and juggle multiple demands.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills


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Arlington, VA

Contract Length


$54,300 - $116,000 (per year)


python r sql power bi

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