Bilingual Mentors- Arabic & English (Independent Contractor): Computing Fundamentals


Contract Position


Bilingual Mentors proficient in Arabic and English are sought as independent contractors for a Computing Fundamentals role at Udacity, providing technical support to students and reviewing project submissions.

What you'll do

  • Provide support to students by responding to technical queries over our Knowledge platform
  • Maintain a response time of less than 1 working hour for student queries through our Knowledge Hub
  • Provide technically accurate and thorough answers
  • Review project submissions and provide personalized feedback
  • Ensure that project submissions are original work and have not been plagiarized
  • Maintain a review time of less than 8 working hours for project submission


  • Language Competence: Proficient in Arabic & English Writing and Speaking Skills
  • Technical Competence: Python, Web applications, Computer Networking Basics, HTTP, TCP/IP, HTML, Basic Spreadsheet Use, Google Docs, Data encoding, Command Line Interface Basics, Hexadecimal Numbers
  • #studentfirst mindset
  • Empathy for learners
  • Flexibility for part-time, independent contract work


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Contract Length

Independent Contractor


The compensation for this position is not listed.


python web applications computer networking basics http tcp/ip html basic spreadsheet use google docs data encoding command line interface basics hexadecimal numbers

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