Contractor Program Security Officer Manager


Contract Position


The job is for a Contractor Program Security Officer (CPSO) Manager who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with U.S. Government directives, regulations, and requirements, as well as corporate/business unit directives and customer directed requirements. The CPSO Manager will manage a team of security professionals on all aspects of the security program across multiple locations.

What you'll do

  • Collaborate with other CPSO Regional Managers to ensure consistency across the company
  • Provide local guidance, training, and mentorship to a staff of CPSOs, ACPSOs, Personnel Security Specialists and Security Administrators
  • Liaise with other members of the Business Operations Division such as Information Technology and Cybersecurity staff to ensure security policies and procedures follow STR and government requirements
  • Works with Project Managers and development teams to develop solutions, which meet mission needs and government security requirements
  • Responsible for ensuring the overall administration and supervision of the Special Access Program (SAP) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Security Program, including information, physical, personnel, security education, TEMPEST, OPSEC, and Program Protection
  • Responsible for the operation and security of the SCI Facilities (SCIF), SAP Facilities (SAPF) IAW with ICD 705 and other government directives
  • Manage the site SAP/SCI Internal Audit & Self Inspection program in preparation for external security audits
  • Responsible for the implementation and support of pertinent USG, Sponsor, and widely accepted industrial security directives and provides guidance on all special security matters
  • Ensures adherence to applicable laws as well as national, DoD, and other SAP security policies and requirements such as DoD Special Access Program (SAP) Security Manuals: DoDM 5205.07 Volumes 1 – 4
  • Prepares and revises SOPs to include changing facility and program requirements and obtain government approval
  • Assist program technical staff with the interpretation and application of Security Classification Guidance (SCG) and other marking guidance
  • Ensures adherence to special communications requirements, capabilities, and procedures within the SAPF, including briefings, debriefings, and foreign travel briefings
  • Administers COMSEC programs, ensuring protection, determining, and enforcing access to appropriate individuals based on clearance level and need to know
  • Briefs staff members when appropriate. Safeguards, accounts for, and maintains all COMSEC materials; those received, distributed, shipped, and stored
  • Monitors the reported inventories on COMSEC materials including hardware, keying materials, and maintenance manuals. Reports to applicable NSA offices of Records. Maintains COMSEC training, accounts, and records
  • Oversees Document Control, managing the processing and life cycle of all materials, while coordinating the distribution of sponsor related materials
  • Ensures the proper logging, classification, authorization checks, and tracking systems are in place and followed
  • Manage the annual inventory of accountable holdings in accordance with policies and procedures and manages classified destruction program
  • Assist Security Leadership with compiling data and formulating the annual budget for the WOB Security Program; provides appropriate financial management for all SAP/SCI program related functions
  • Captures relevant security metrics as required
  • Provides large-scale project management for security projects, including planning, budgeting, and implementation
  • Negotiate allocation of resources and deadlines
  • Performs other duties as required


  • Active Top-Secret Clearance with SAP/SCI eligibility required
  • Utilize computer skills to prepare appropriate reports and documents using various office tools such as: MS Office, JPAS, JADE, SIMS, TALON, NISS and DISS
  • Knowledge and demonstrated application of the U.S. Government security standards
  • Working knowledge of the National Industrial Security Operating Manual (NISPOM), DoD Special Access Program Security Manuals and other related security manuals
  • Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment while complying with policies, procedures, appropriate principles and applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Interprets policy, develops, and implements security plans and procedures
  • Knowledge and experience of managing classified programs
  • Knowledge of contractor operations, computer, physical, technical and personnel security requirements
  • Knowledge and experience leading a staff of security professionals


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Arlington, VA

Contract Length

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ms office jpas jade sims talon niss diss national industrial security operating manual (nispom) dod special access program security manuals

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