Guru (External Contractor) - UX Designer (Oman)


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This job is for a UX Designer in Oman, working as an external contractor for Udacity. The job requires the candidate to have at least 2 years of experience as a freelancer in UX Design, bilingual fluency in English and Arabic, and technical expertise in UX Design specializations. The responsibilities include attending meetings, conducting webinars, supporting learners, verifying completed projects, and preparing presentation materials. The job offers the opportunity to gain recognition, earn additional income, contribute to a global student community, and stay updated on cutting-edge technologies.

What you'll do

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings (or when required) with Udacity careers ops for discussing students’ progress.
  • Conduct webinars and/or sessions to deliver freelancing experience to Udacity learners.
  • Support Udacity learners and build a strong sense of community through motivational posts, sharing your knowledge, sharing helpful articles, and answering students’ questions.
  • Verify completed freelancing projects (Gigs) submitted by students.
  • Prepare presentation materials for both recorded and live webinars.
  • Support in increasing the program's survey responses.


  • Residing in Oman is a must
  • Holds Omani nationality is a must
  • The candidate must be bilingual (English and Arabic) with high fluency
  • Experience as an active freelancer with at least 2 years of experience
  • Technical experience in UX Design specializations
  • Background in freelancing marketplaces and platforms (such as UpWork,, PeoplePerHour,, Fiverr, Khamsat, Mostaql, or TopTal)
  • Experience in completing freelancing projects on and People Per Hour platforms
  • Average annual freelancing earnings of min $2000
  • Graduate from any UX Designer Nanodegree or a more advanced one of the same field is an added plus
  • Experience teaching technical and/or freelancing concepts and public speaking
  • English proficiency both written and spoken


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artificial intelligence machine learning data science autonomous systems cloud computing ux design

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