Korean Speaking Mentors (Independent Contractor): Business Analytics Mentor & Project Reviewer


Contract Position


This job is for Korean-speaking mentors who will provide technical support and personalized feedback to students in the fields of Business Analytics, including skills such as Business KPIs, Forecast modeling, Quantitative Data Visualization, SQL, Probability and Statistics. The mentors will work as independent contractors and have the flexibility to set their own schedule.

What you'll do

  • Provide support to students by responding to technical queries over our Knowledge platform.
  • Maintain a response time of less than 1 working hour for student queries through our Knowledge Hub.
  • Provide technically accurate and thorough answers.
  • Review project submissions and provide personalized feedback.
  • Ensure that project submissions are original work and have not been plagiarized.
  • Maintain a review time of less than 8 working hours for project submission.


  • Language Competence: Proficient in English & Korean Writing and Speaking Skills
  • Technical Competence: Business KPIs, Forecast modeling, Quantitative Data Visualization, SQL, Probability and Statistics
  • Empathy for learners
  • Flexibility for part-time, independent contract work


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The compensation for this position is not listed.


sql probability and statistics

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