Session Lead (External Contractor) - Business Analytics Nanodegree (Arabic)


Contract Position


This job is for a Session Lead (External Contractor) in the Business Analytics Nanodegree (Arabic) program at Udacity. The Session Lead will be responsible for providing technical support to students, conducting weekly Connect sessions, explaining concepts, solving questions, and reporting student progress. Bilingual proficiency in English and Arabic is required, along with technical competence in areas such as data visualization and SQL.

What you'll do

  • Managing weekly Connect sessions with students according to Udacity guidelines
  • Creating the Udacity Connect session agenda & notes
  • Coordinating between the students and the Udacity Connect team
  • Reporting to Udacity the weekly overall attendance status of students & observations about each session
  • Being present at every Connect session over Zoom, helping students introduce themselves, organizing students in groups and keeping track of time
  • Explaining concepts of the Nanodegree program to your group of students when needed
  • Solving questions raised by students during the Connect session
  • Reporting student's attendance and progress to the Mentor's dashboard
  • Communicating with students on Slack
  • Weekly check-in with all students on their progress


  • Bilingual (English and Arabic) is a must.
  • Technical Competence: Descriptive Statistics, Spreadsheets, Excel Modelling, SQL, Tableau, and Data Visualization
  • Graduate from any of the Business Analytics courses/Nanodegree programs is an added plus
  • Experience teaching technical concepts and public speaking
  • Experience organizing technical talks, events, or forums
  • Strong interpersonal skills and confidence to lead a group of students
  • Students-oriented mindset and focus on understanding their problems
  • Innovative approach and proactivity with students that need help
  • Positive character, trusted by the students, creating emotional ties in the group
  • Existing tech network and experience in technical conversations & discussions
  • Flexibility at their current job to take this challenge as a part-time, external contractor


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descriptive statistics spreadsheets excel modelling sql tableau data visualization

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