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Contract Position


The job is for a Technical Operations Specialist on a contract basis at PlayStation Studios User Research. The role involves assisting with lab management, technical infrastructure projects, and toolset consolidation, as well as conducting quality assurance testing and documenting technical workflows. The ideal candidate should have coding/scripting knowledge, technical writing skills, and strong communication abilities.

What you'll do

  • Assist researchers with lab setup and teardown, help with technical issues as they occur, and document troubleshooting steps for future knowledge base.
  • Assist in a project to consolidate our toolset across geographic locations – monitoring progress of an external developer partner, learning the basics of their code and process, and assisting with developing features for the new unified toolset.
  • Quality assurance testing of the work-in-progress consolidated toolset and other bespoke tools.
  • Learning and documenting the technical workflows of our research team, identifying areas for improvement, and developing solutions to improve the efficiency of workflows and resolve issues in collaboration with the Technical Operations Lead.
  • Create and maintain technical documentation of existing lab tools and processes.


  • Basic coding / scripting knowledge (PHP, C#, Javascript)
  • Technical writing


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United States, San Mateo, CA

Contract Length

12 Months


$107,000 - $161,000 (per year)


php c# javascript

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