CRM Manager (Contract)


Contract Position


This job is for a CRM Manager on a contract basis at Twitch. The role involves implementing and optimizing a best-in-class lifecycle and CRM strategy, collaborating with teams across different regions, and using data and insights to improve engagement metrics.

What you'll do

  • Conceptualize and implement the strategy of a best-in-class lifecycle and CRM strategy, test plan, and measurement across channels.
  • Lead the day to day operations and execution of CRM (email, in-app, push and onsite campaigns) including but not limited to audience set up, design creation, scheduling and reporting.
  • Build and maintain an APAC calendar to keep track of messaging in our markets
  • Conceive, build and deploy tactical one off messaging and campaigns for APAC to support local marketing programs
  • Support lifecycle team on global lifecycle programs, reaching not just APAC but also EMEA and NA
  • Constantly test and optimize our messaging, content and tone to ensure our engagement metrics are improving overall
  • Use data and insights to develop hypothesis about our audience needs


  • 5+ years experience in a CRM function, preferably in the consumer internet space or in a high-velocity, high-growth product / business
  • Understanding of CRM best practices and comfortable working with data (deciding on targeting and testing for campaigns)
  • HTML skills and the ability to create templates and modify templates we
  • Experience with CRM tools and marketing automation (e.g. Salesforce Marketing, Braze, Hubspot)


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Contract Length

12 Months


The compensation for this position is not listed.


salesforce marketing braze hubspot

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