Part-Time Instructor: Python Programming

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Irvine, CA, United States

Online and on-campus teaching positions are now available in the Python Programming Certificate Program at the University of California, Irvine, Continuing Education. We are seeking qualified applicants possessing current knowledge and teaching experience in all aspects of Python Programming including: Introduction to Python Programming, Intermediate Python Programming, Advanced Python Programming, Python for Data Analysis, Data Preparation with Python, Big Data with Python, and Modeling and Visualization with Python.

Our curriculum is constantly updated and tailored to bring students the background, expertise, and business practices to remain competitive and advance their careers. Taught by qualified practitioners, our courses feature practical applications, underlying rationale, and current issues, all of which can be immediately utilized in and applied to our students’ work environments.

Part-time, temporary assignments are assigned on an as-needed basis. This is an ONGOING recruitment. Teaching assignments could begin as early as Winter 2022 (January 2022).

Specific Instructor Duties

  • Develop and/or update course syllabi in consultation with the UCI DCE Business and Technology Programs Director, Assistant Director, and Program Coordinators as assigned and using approved course development templates
  • Prepare and deliver online course materials and learning assessments in the assigned format
  • Utilize the Canvas Learning Management System as the course support platform
  • Communicate teaching objectives and specific learning outcomes to students, and clearly outline the grading policies for the course
  • Evaluate student achievement of specific learning outcomes, and assign grades
  • Post final student grades to the transcript system by set deadlines
  • Respond to student questions and learning needs in a timely manner
  • Handle student inquiries about final grades and consult with Director and Program Manager as needed
  • Stay current regarding the professional body of knowledge in the field of practice
  • Participate in required orientations and complete mandatory training programs by deadlines established by UC Irvine
  • Complete required administrative tasks in a timely manner including: completing all hiring paperwork; submitting updated quarterly syllabi; posting bio and photo on the UCI DCE website; signing quarterly contract; ordering required texts; communicating AV and classroom needs
  • Employ culturally competent teaching methodologies in the classroom inclusive of both domestic and international student populations
  • Allow students to review their final exams/papers for up to 13 months following the last class session
  • Use subject-matter expertise and leverage additional resources appropriately to enhance the curriculum (i.e.: make arrangements for guest speakers, etc.)
  • Design interactive and motivational classroom activities to fully engage participants and to reinforce student learning
  • Update materials periodically, and regularly monitor course evaluations in order to make adjustments and improvements to the curriculum