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Associate Director, Branded Video Content

A full-time, ongoing job with Morning Brew

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  • Morning Brew
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  • 4 months, 1 week ago
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Morning Brew is a media company that covers the business news and narratives shaping our world. The companies, the people, the workplace, the economy — we nerd out on this stuff, and we’re dedicated to helping our audience navigate it all in a way that informs and entertains.

The Morning Brew team is clever, creative, and growing fast. Want in? Read on.

As the Associate Director, Branded Video, you will report to the Branded Content Director, working closely with all pre and post sale teams on brand partnerships rooted in custom video across multiple platforms and styles of video storytelling. As part of the Creative Studio you will help build and execute best-in-class experiences for our brand partners. We’re looking for an out-of-the-box thinker who has the heart of a creative and mind of a producer with the ability to seamlessly weave together the Morning Brew voice with an advertiser’s. Is that you?!

What you’ll do:
- Develop a Branded Video strategy and roadmap for 2022
- Build a slate of video opportunities for our brand partners in partnership with the editorial and Creative Studio team
- Create platform specific distribution and content guardrails
- Create and maintain processes for Branded Video from pre to post sale
- Collaborate with Branded Content Operations lead to ensure clear roles and responsibilities 
- Collaborate across teams to brainstorm, price, and package Branded Video opportunities 
- Contribute to brainstorms in pre-sale and collaborate with Integrated Marketing to ensure Branded Video ideas are executable and clearly communicated to the client.
- Contribute to client presentations to make sure video ideas are clearly communicated
- Visually represent ideas through example ideas, talent, look and feel
- Provide on-screen talent examples and rationale for why they work
- Collaborate with the Creative Ops team to produce in studio, location, and travel shoots directly and/or with freelance help
- Direct camera and talent on custom shoots as needed
- Lead and contribute to client calls 
- Hire, manage, and mentor a team in the future

What makes you qualified:
- 5+ years experience at a digital publisher or agency with direct knowledge of and experience with sales and marketing organizations
- Incredibly organized with the ability to project manage and produce your own work and collaborate across teams clearly and confidently 
- A client-focused strategic thinker who anticipates questions and provides solutions with the ability to quickly adapt to client needs, changing budgets, and deadlines
- A contributor who can own their own projects while delegating to others 
- Experience managing others 
- Passion for all Morning Brew editorial brands
- A personal philosophy of, “Yes, we’ll figure it out.”
- Desire to seek out diverse and unique POVs that differ from your own

- Experience working with multiple sales categories
- Editorial software knowledge

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