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Python/Django/React Developer for 4-6 month project

One of our platforms, a twelve-year-old Django based survey system, no longer adequately satisfies our changing needs. We are therefore looking for someone who can help us develop its replacement.

We need someone who can take lead on the project and do most of the development. If you’re not familiar with all the parts of the stack, other team members can help out! You’ll have easy and continuous access to our whole team (users, developers and the product manager).

We’re expanding into several new markets in 2022 and have a lot of exciting dev projects coming up. So, if you like the team, the team likes you, and you find that you’re interested in working with us beyond this project, all the better!


  • Good experience in full stack engineering
  • Strong knowledge in Python/Django ecosystem
  • Experience in React (or other Javascript framework)
  • Familiarity with Git/Docker/MySQL/Nginx/Terraform
  • Good English (we also speak Norwegian, Swedish and Russian)

Key system features:

  • Vanilla Django admin for most of the survey setup and admin.
  • Only minor result reporting. Main survey output is data dumps as Excel/CSV.
  • Integrate with Twilio (or similar service) for sending survey invites via SMS. Email invites perhaps the same way.
  • A handful of very non-standard survey system features.
  • Small react apps, for instance for questionnaires.
  • Dockerized app.
  • Terraformed infrastructure on AWS.
  • Automated testing with CircleCI