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Remote, Remote, United States

Scalable Path is looking for a Senior Full-stack Django and React Developer to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.

CLIENT COMPANY DESCRIPTION: The client is a startup in the Fintech space that does home equity investment.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The client is looking for a senior developer who can take simple feature specifications and building usable, meaningful products. Someone who has experience prototyping and iterating business critical products. They want someone who is happy to offer feedback. Product development should be a discussion, and we'd like you to get involved.

What you will do: · Architect and develop new features (including an operations suite, rebuilding their customer-facing suite, and integrating with multiple external services such as credit rating services,, Snowflake, etc.) · Maintain unit test coverage · Manage and improve existing codebase · Interpret product specifications

Who you are: · 5+ years full stack development experience · 3+ years MVC framework (Django, Rails, Flask, etc.) experience · 3+ years React experience · 3+ years Docker experience · Experience with AWS and S3 · Experience with the usual suspects: Unix, Git, Postgres, Redis, Node · Experience with Python and at least one other general-purpose language (Ruby, Go, Java, Scala, etc.)

RELATIONSHIPS - WHO YOU'LL BE WORKING WITH: You'll be working primarily with Head of Technology and perhaps another developer. You may also work with the Head of Growth and Head of Operations to a lesser extent. The client is in the America/Denver (-07:00) MST time zone.

START DATE: As soon as possible.

EXPECTED CONTRACT DURATION: 12+ months The engagement is expected to last 1 year with a good chance of continuing on if things go well.

NOTES: Client is open to someone who can start part-time and then go full-time in the near future. Additionally, if you are more frontend-focused or more backend-focused, feel free to still apply because the client would also consider applicants who are more focused in frontend or backend.

Required skills: - Python (Must have) - Django (Must have) - JavaScript (Must have) - React (Must have) - Written English (Must have) - Spoken English (Must have) - CSS (Must have) - PostgreSQL (Must have) - Docker (Strongly preferred) - Redis (Strongly preferred)